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The Forensic (student) Files

Or-how to stay sane through your second round of education

The Forensic (Student) Files
I have a degree in Costume Design/Costume History, Textiles and Art History. I have recently returned to school to get a degree in Forensics. My Mom has cancer. My cat has cancer and just passed away. I have a great family, good friends. I am newly married and I adore my husband. I can be found on OKC under CountessM though I am on a indefinite hiatus. I have another account there but I am not going to reveal it just yet. Only if I know you intimately

I will be linking my true crime/film noir/vintaqe clothes and historic clothing blog by the end of the year. This will be in conjunction of Esotouric, Bunker Hill, and The 1947 project as well as Vintagepowderroom.com. If you have any interest in true crime, L.A. history, architecture, True crime in a Los Angeles amongst gorgeous architecture, not to mention Elizabeth Short, Google the above and you will find more than your share of interesting.
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